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School meals provider


At Whitehill, we use Dolce as our catering provider. Dolce is a family founded company, who offer exciting new menus each term and all meals are prepared freshly every day from fresh raw ingredients. This company allows parents to have a lot more control over what your child has for their dinner, as well as a lot more flexibility allowing your children to have a mixture of school meals and packed lunches.


What Parents need to do

Dolce use a pre-ordering system called ‘SchoolGrid’ that parents/children can access from the comfort of their own home and discuss/choose their school meal choices online. Choices can be made day by day, weekly, monthly, termly – however you choose to do it! You can also view all the ingredients, nutritional breakdown and you can even view the recipes to replicate the meals at home!

The school office will set up an account for you once you have provided your email address, this will then automatically generate an invitation email (please check your junk inbox if this doesn't arrive in your main inbox). Please then follow the instructions in the email to set up your account. If you require any assistance in setting up your account then please contact the school office.

Once on the account you can highlight any allergies your child may have, meaning it will then only show you food options that are safe for your child.


School Meal Pricing

If your child is in Nursery or Years 3-6 (unless Free School Meal), the price of school meals will be £2.15 per day.  All payments for school meals will be made via SchoolGrid, this means you will no longer make payments for school meals to the school.  Just as it is now, you will only pay the meals taken on that day, meaning if your child is absent one day you will not be charged for a school meal even if you have pre-ordered it.

If your child is in Reception, Years 1-2, or qualifies for Free School Meals, you will not need to pay for school meals as normal. This will be automatically applied on the system and you should not be charged for any meals taken.

When you have set up your account, Dolce require you to pay in advance and therefore you can ‘top up’ your account for the first week in advance.

Contact Details

Dolce is your catering provider. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions regarding school meals, allergens, payments etc, please do not hesitate to contact Dolce Customer Care Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm, on 01942 707709 or by email to customercare@dolce.co.uk we are always happy to hear from you.

SchoolGrid is the Software provider we use. If you experience any technical issues with access to SchoolGrid, please contact SchoolGrid technical support on 01506 300310 or by email to support@schoolgrid.co.uk

As always, the School Office will still be here to help the best we can on 0161 480 2142 or by emailing admin@whitehillstockport.sch.uk



Summer Term Menu

Please find below a the menu for Summer Term 2023.