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Whitehill Primary School

Together we Shine Academically, Personally & Socially


Read Write Inc - E-books Links

Sound Blending Book 1

Sound Blending Book 2

Sound Blending Book 3

Sound Blending Book 6

Sound Blending Book10


Red Ditty Book - Nog in the fog

Red Ditty Book - I can hop

Red Ditty Book - Get Up!

Red Ditty Book - Sun Hat Fun

Red Ditty Book - Fat Frog


Green Book - Hands!

Green Book - Nip and Chip

Green Book - Rag the Rat

Green Book - The Get Fit Club

Green Book - Will's Net

Green Book - Skateboard Sid

Green Book - Jan's Pancake


Purple Book - Skateboard Sid and the hat

Purple Book - A pet goldfish

Purple Book - Red Ned

Purple Book - Run, run, run!

Purple Book - Popcorn

Purple Book - Stop!

Purple Book - Tom's Tricks

Purple Book - The Chest in the Sand


Pink Book - The Big Match

Pink Book - A Greedy Tiger

Pink Book - A Map in the Attic

Pink Book - The Troll in the Pond

Pink Book - High on a Hill

Pink Book - Light and Shadow


Orange Book - We can Play!

Orange Book - Can you see me?

Orange Book - A Bag Mood

Orange Book - Fright Night

Orange Book - A Vet's Week

Orange Book - A Pet Tortoise

Orange Book - Jim's House in 1874

Orange Book - Horses

Orange Book - Up in the Air

Orange Book - Jam Tarts

Orange Book - Good Old Grandad


Yellow Book - What can Baby do?

Yellow Book - Fun at Night

Yellow Book - No Way!

Yellow Book - Bushcraft

Yellow Book - A Hungry Fox

Yellow Book - What's in the Woods?

Yellow Book - The Radish Contest

Yellow Book - A mouse in the house


Blue Book - Our Incredible

Blue Book - At the Seaside

Blue Book - How to Make a Peach Treat

Blue Book - Save the Whale

Blue Book - On Your Bike


Grey Book - Nancy Roman's Space Telescope

Grey Book - A Job for Jordan

Grey Book - The Stone Age

Grey Book - A place in space: the moon

Grey Book - Silly Games

Grey Book - A pet or a pest?

Grey Book - Clothes

Grey Book - Dinosaur Times

Grey Book - Planets

Grey Book - Carrion Creatures

Grey Book - A flight to New York

Grey Book - Mythical Monsters