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Class Teacher - Mr Handley

Teaching Assistants - Mrs Kausar and Mrs Finnigan

SENCO - Miss Milnes

Our Learning Journey This Year

Year 6 Curriculum 

Please download our termly curriculum documents here for more information about what we will be learning and to see examples of our work.

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Year 6 Important information

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Class Information


The children will be given homework tasks each Friday. The homework will be used to consolidate the children’s knowledge of what has been covered in class and will consist of: a Maths task, an English task, a weekly spelling list and times table practice. There may also be tasks asking the children to find out information for a topic. It is very important that the children complete these homework tasks to the best of their ability. If they are having difficulty, please ask them to inform me and I will be happy to explain it again. The homework is due in on the following Tuesday. If homework is not completed, there is the consequence of missing break times until it is completed.



Tuesday: Outdoor

Friday: Indoor

Please could the children have a PE kit in school all week as there are times when the timetable changes and our PE lessons move to another day. We will be having outdoor PE sessions on a Tuesday morning and indoor PE sessions on a Friday afternoon. If a PE kit has not been brought in, there is the consequence of missing break times.

The P.E Kit should include black shorts and joggers, white t-shirt and pumps/trainers. Please note that jewellery, other than small ear studs, should not be worn to school and to prevent injury all earrings should be removed for P.E. Children with long hair will need a hair tie for P.E. If an incorrect PE kit has been brought in, a kit warning will be issued. Two consecutive kit warnings will result in a consequence.

The children are encouraged to keep a roll on deodorant in their locker so that they can apply it when needed. 


Forest School

We will be taking part in forest school sessions every Thursday.

Children are to come into school in their Forest School kit on the day they are doing Forest along with trainers in a bag to change into. Can you please make sure that your child is wearing a long sleeved top and pants that cover the whole of their legs. For footwear children can wear wellies or an old pair of trainers. Please remember that children must wear clothes that you don't mind getting dirty.


Class Dojo

Class Dojo is a way for teachers to encourage pupils and contact parents about their child's progress in class. It can be used online or downloaded as an app on iOS/Android. (Please ask if you require a copy of your log in). We will be using this in class alongside our Good to be Green system. We will discuss the ways in which points are gained or lost during PSHE times to ensure that it fits in with our behaviour policy. Children can access at home to personalise their avatars.



We will hear the children read as often as possible each week, however this isn’t always possible with such a busy timetable in Year 6. Any help from home with the children’s reading towards greater intonation and fluency within would be appreciated. It is the children's responsibility to complete the reading journal on BOOM Read. However, feel free to add comments.


Please note: We do not have a designated "Changing Book Day". The children can change their school reading book once an adult has checked their reading record, which must show that the book has been completed.

Children will be provided with a reading book and a school library book. It is very important that the children have their reading book and library book in school every day. If they fail to do so, a book warning will be issued. Two consecutive book warnings will result in a consequence.

Our Learning Journey Continued...

Spring 1 - "Show Racism the Red Card" Workshop

On Tuesday 23rd January 2024, we actively participated in the impactful "Show Racism the Red Card" workshop founded by Shaka Hislop. This session empowered us to recognise and challenge racism while fostering empathy and critical thinking. Exploring the profound impact of racism on individuals and society, we gained a deeper understanding of these issues. The workshop not only equipped us to actively combat racism in our communities but also heightened our awareness of media bias and stereotypes. Engaging in discussions on real-life news headlines, we concluded with a collective commitment to utilise a challenge toolkit in addressing future incidents. This experience was a significant step towards our goal of becoming informed and compassionate citizens in our diverse society.

Spring 1 - Chester Zoo - Evolution and Inheritance

On Tuesday 16th January 2024, we embarked on an exciting journey to Chester Zoo as part of our Science curriculum, delving into the captivating world of Evolution and Inheritance. The zoo, a living classroom, provided a dynamic setting for us to witness the incredible diversity of life and understand the intricate processes that shape it. We encountered a vast array of creatures, from the towering to the tiny, and discovered how the environment plays a crucial role in determining their appearance and behaviours. A highlight of the trip was a fascinating workshop that mirrored Charles Darwin's exploration of natural selection. Through examples from Chester Zoo's diverse animal collection, we gained insights into the fascinating world of evolution and the unique adaptations it brings about. We engaged in predicting which adaptations provide a selective advantage in different habitats. This experience not only reinforced our understanding of evolutionary principles, but also sparked our imaginations as we envisioned the weird and wonderful possibilities that could arise in the Animal Kingdom. We look forward to further exploring the wonders of our natural world as we continue our scientific exploration in the classroom.

Spring 1: Year 6 Premier League Primary Stars Football Festival at the Etihad Campus

On Friday 12th January 2024, a group of Year 6 children had the magnificent opportunity to play in one of, if not the best, training facilities in the world. We exhibited excellent sportsmanship and had a great time during our five football matches. Our focus was on enjoying the game and demonstrating fair play. We displayed positive teamwork, respect for opponents, and a supportive attitude throughout the matches. Although victory eluded us, the emphasis on sportsmanship and the enjoyment of the game made the experience a success.

Autumn 2 – Quarry Bank Mill – Victorian Children

As part of our learning around the Victorian period, on Friday 3rd November 2023, we visited Quarry Bank Mill. We delved into the daily life of mill workers through engaging activities, hands-on experiences, and captivating demonstrations.

Our day was filled with enlightening activities, such as exploring the home life and free time of Styal residents, unravelling the mysteries of mill money by calculating weekly pay, and stepping into the shoes of Victorian children to understand their various jobs within the Mill. We also delved into the grim realities of disease and danger associated with working in a Mill, gaining a profound insight into the challenges faced during that era.

Witnessing hand-spinning and weaving demonstrations brought the historical context to life, allowing us to grasp the magnitude of change during this pivotal time. The clatter of machines echoed through the air, immersing us in the working conditions of Quarry Bank Mill. Additionally, we explored the fascinating process of powering the machines with water and even had the chance to visit the steam gallery.

One of the highlights was the interactive experience led by a costumed interpreter, offering a glimpse into the life of an apprentice at the Apprentice House. As new apprentices from a workhouse, we engaged in various activities, providing us with a profound understanding of the stark differences in children's lives during the Victorian era.

Autumn 1 - Salford Museum and Art Gallery - Victorians

As part of our learning around the Victorian period, on Tuesday 17th October 2023, we visited Salford Museum and Art Gallery. We became curators for the day, sharpening our historical enquiry skills by examining real Victorian objects and looking for clues as to what they might be. We discussed their features and inferred what they might be used for. In the end, we discovered that the objects we handled were: a hot water bottle, a hat pin, a carpet beater, an iron, a button hooker, a back straightener and a candle snuffer.

Then, down in the depths of the museum, we were taken on a tour of Lark Hill Place - a Victorian street stuck over 100 years in the past, complete with genuine street signs and fittings. We felt as though we had been transported back to 1897!

The cobbled street replicated the ambiance of a winter’s evening, just after the gas lamps had been lit, when people would have been hurrying back from work and popping into shops on their way home. The sounds of horse-drawn carriages and children playing traditional games added to our sense of immersion. A range of Victorian businesses lined the street, including a chemist, blacksmith, toy shop, and printers, all fitted out with genuine Victorian artefacts. We even went to the pub, The Blue Lion Tavern, however we did not have anything to drink!

We found out more about our objects and what daily life was like for those living in the area when Queen Victoria was on the throne.