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Whitehill Primary School

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Class Teacher - Mr Handley

Group Support - Mr Higson-Guy

Teaching Assistant/ Cover Teacher - Miss Ganly

Teaching Assistant - Miss Jones

SENCO - Miss Milnes

Our Learning Journey This Year

year 6 Curriculum 

Please download our termly curriculum documents here for more information about what we will are learning and to see examples of our work.

year 6 Important information

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Class Information


The children will be given homework tasks each Friday. The homework will be used to consolidate the children’s knowledge of what has been covered in class and will usually consist of: a Maths task, an English task, a weekly spelling list and times table practice. There may also be tasks asking the children to find out information for a topic. It is very important that the children complete these homework tasks to the best of their ability. If they are having difficulty, please ask them to inform me and I will be happy to explain it again. The homework is due in on the following Friday. If homework is not completed there is the consequence of missing break times the following day until it is completed.



Tuesday: Indoor

Thursday: Outdoor

Please could the children have a PE kit in school all week as there are times when the timetable changes and our PE lessons move to another day. We will be having outdoor PE sessions on a Tuesday afternoon and swimming will be taking place on Thursday afternoons. If a PE kit has not been brought in, there is the consequence of missing break times.

The swimming kit consists of: swim wear, towel and goggles if they wish. The P.E Kit should include black shorts and joggers, white t-shirt and pumps/trainers. Please note that jewellery, other than small ear studs, should not be worn to school and to prevent injury all earrings should be removed for P.E. Children with long hair will need a hair tie for P.E. If an incorrect PE kit has been brought in, a kit warning will be issued. Two consecutive kit warnings will result in a consequence.

The children are encouraged to keep a roll on deodorant in their locker so that they can apply it when needed. 


Forest School

We will be taking part in forest school sessions every Wednesday.

Children are to come into school in their Forest School kit on the day they are doing Forest along with their school black trainers in a bag to change into. Can you please make sure that your child is wearing a long sleeved top and pants that cover the whole of their legs. For footwear children can wear wellies or an old pair of trainers. Please remember that children must wear clothes that you don't mind getting dirty.


Class Dojo

Class Dojo is a way for teachers to encourage pupils and contact parents about their child's progress in class. It can be used online or downloaded as an app on iOS/Android. (Please ask if you require a copy of your log in). We will be using this in class alongside our Good to be Green system. We will discuss the ways in which points are gained or lost during circle times to ensure that it fits in with our behaviour policy. Children can access at home to personalise their avatars.



We will hear the children read as often as possible each week, however this isn’t always possible with such a busy timetable in Year 6. Any help from home with the children’s reading towards greater intonation and fluency within would be appreciated. It is the children's responsibility to complete their reading journal.

Please note: We do not have a designated "Changing Book Day". The children can change their school reading book once an adult has checked their reading record, which must show that the book has been completed.

Children will be provided with a reading book and a school library book (our designated library slot is on a Wednesday afternoon). It is very important that the children have their reading book and library book in school every day. If they fail to do so, a book warning will be issued. Two consecutive book warnings will result in a consequence.

Our Learning Journey Continued...

Spring 2: YOS (Youth Offending Service) and Stockport County Football Club

Throughout Spring 2, we have been following a 6-week intervention programme with Stockport County Community Foundation. The Foundation worked in partnership with GMP Heaton and Reddish and the Stockport Council Youth Offending Service. The programme covered a range of important and challenging topics, which include;

 · Victim Awareness · E-Safety · Hate Safety · Knife Crime · Anti-Social Behaviour · Choices & Consequences 

The objective of the intervention programme highlighted many of the significant issues taking place within the community as it is important that we are aware of negative social and behavioural issues within Stockport to enable us to understand the impact this has on our community. 

Spring 2: Maths Day 2022

For Maths Day, we solved a Maths Mystery by using a range of Mathematical skills. We were given a scenario and we had to find out who the culprit was by solving Maths style problems. Each problem gave us a clue about the culprit, and once we solved all five, we could distinguish who the culprit was and solve the mystery. 

In addition to the Maths Mystery, we took part in a Mathematical scavenger hunt. For the activity, we searched for mathematically interesting items from a list and took pictures of them. This activity was about discovery, creative thought, and looking at things from a different perspective, which are fundamental in Mathematics.  

At the end of the day, we reflected on our learning and found out that Maths doesn’t just stay in the classroom, it is EVERYWHERE. 

Spring 2: British Science Week

As part of Science Week, we investigated how effective different washing detergents are at removing stains from fabrics. First, we planned everything we would need to successfully conduct our experiment. We looked at the different detergents and made predictions about which one we though would remove the stains the best and why. We then planned how we would ensure that we use the same amount of each detergent - by either using measuring jugs or scales - to make it a fair test. Next, we planned how we would stain each fabric to maintain the fair test - we decided to use brown sauce to stain our fabric because we could easily measure how much to use. Finally, we followed our plan carefully and carried out the experiment. We recorded our results in a table and then displayed our results in a graph so that we could analyse them. We observed that the Non-bio capsule was the best washing detergent as it required less rubs to remove the brown sauce stain.

Spring 2: Tree Planting Project - The Press

Following on from our dig in Spring 1, for the tree planting project led by Glossop Cartons to celebrate their 40th anniversary, the press came to observe us plant the forty trees. Look out for us in the local paper.

Spring 2: International Women's Day

For International Women's Day 2022, we celebrated the influential women of STEAM. We studied the work of: Jane Goodall, Tu Youyou, Sally Ride, Hypatia, Aisha Bowe, Marie Curie, Antonia Novello, Rosalind Franklin, Sarah Gilbert and Mae Jemison. We discovered interesting facts and thought of some questions we would like to ask a chosen woman of our choice. We then presented our findings in the form of a poster.

Spring 2: World Book Day

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of World Book Day, we came to school dressed in our most comfortable clothes that we like to read in. Some examples being: pyjamas, joggers or just our favourite clothes/ costume – Comfy! We completed a book scavenger hunt in our school library where we had to find items in books. We had to record the book and the page number where we found the item and also state whether it was a picture or a word. We had so much fun.

Spring 1: Football At The Etihad (2)

On Friday 11th February, our Year 6 footballers were selected to play in a Premier League Primary Stars Tournament at the Etihad Stadium.

Our results were:
Whitehill 0:2 Hursthead
Whitehill 1:3 Chorlton CE
Whitehill 1:0 Greenfield
Whitehill 0:1 Diggle
Whitehill 6:2 St Pauls

We had a brilliant time and showed great sportsmanship all the way throughout - even in the freezing cold weather.

Spring 1: Safer Internet Day

 For Safer Internet Day 2022, we explored the theme ‘All fun and games? Exploring respect and relationships online’. We discussed popular social media platforms and are now mindful of how to stay safe when using them. We will now consciously protect ourselves by being aware of our settings, our actions and understand the risks that social media platforms can have.

To complete Safer Internet Day, we created a website for a purpose of our choice. We identified what makes a good web page and used this information to design and evaluate our own website using Google Sites. Throughout the process, we payed specific attention to copyright and fair use of media, the aesthetics of the site, and navigation paths.

Spring 1: Tree Planting Project - The Dig

 We were chosen to be part of a tree planting project, led by Glossop Cartons. To celebrate their 40th anniversary, they asked us to help them dig and plant 40 trees on our school grounds. In Spring 2, we will be part of the local press and will be learning about the process of trees into cartons, and cartons into trees. The dig certainly wasn't easy.

Spring 1: STEAM - Evolution and Inheritance

For one of our STEAM lessons, we developed our understanding that adaptations of plants and animals to suit their environment may lead to evolution. We explored the work of Carl Linneaus and Charles Darwin to develop our understanding of the process of evolution. We identified the descriptions of Camel's characteristics which help them survive in their habitat. We described the stages in the process of natural selection occurring in a toto toucan population. We created a flow chart to show what might happen over several generations of offspring if a random variation appeared. Finally, we sorted statements into those which describe all primates and those which describe only some species of primates to recognise how different species have evolved in different ways over time.

Autumn 2: STEAM - Classifying Plants

As part of our classifying organisms topic in teams, we classified plants according to their characteristics. We went into our wildlife area to explore the different types of plants. We collected samples of three different plants and took pictures of them. Once we were back in the classroom, we were challenged to identify the plants using books and the internet. We classified: Sulphur Tuft - a very common Autumn mushroom you’ll see the woods; Leylandii - a fast-growing coniferous evergreen tree; and Fern Plant - which thrive in the lower light levels of a wooded area.

Autumn 2: WW1 - Imperial War Museum

As part of our work about World War One, we were lucky enough to go on a school trip to the Imperial War Museum North. We explored the displays on not only the First World War, but also the Second World War. We gained knowledge on a number of themes such as the Blitz, evacuation, life on the home front, rationing and trench warfare. We were also lucky enough to meet veterans and listen to their amazing, heroic stories.

Autumn 2: Anti-bullying Week

The theme of Anti-bullying week 2021 was 'One Kind Word'. Throughout the week, we carried out a number of anti-bullying activities about hope and the positive and kind things we can do to halt hurtful behaviour in its tracks. Please look below to find our 'One Kind Word' pebbles, which will be displayed to spread positivity around school.

Autumn 2: Anti-bullying Week

For one of the Anti-bullying week activities, we chose a motivational quote band to give to a friend in our class. We had to explain why we chose the band and the friend. As soon as we received our bands, we felt more positive and we felt responsible to spread the positivity.

Autumn 1: P.E - Rugby

As part of our outdoor P.E this half term, we have been learning all about Tag Rugby. We developed key skills and principles such as defending, attacking, throwing, catching, running and dodging. When attacking, we supported the ball carrier using width and drawing defence. When defending, we learned how to tag, how to track and slow down an opponent, working as a defensive unit. In games, we thought about how to use skills, strategies and tactics to outwit the opposition.

Autumn 1: Bikeability

We were lucky enough to take part in the Bikeability course this half term. We learnt the skills and gained confidence to ride our bikes on local roads. We rode a bike to National Standards while enjoying cycling as an everyday, fun, healthy activity.

Autumn 1: Forest School - Den Making

In one of our Forest School sessions, we we given the opportunity to make dens. We used our whittling skills to make pegs for our tarpaulin and we had to ensure that every member of our group could fit in our den.

Autumn 1: Music - Happy

In Autumn 1 half term, our Music sessions focused on the song Happy by Pharrell Williams. We both sang the song, and played it on glockenspiels.

Autumn 1: Forest School - Marshmallows

For our final Autumn 1 Forest School session, we were given the opportunity to toast our very own marshmallows... and even eat them! Mmmmmm :P As a team, we used our fire making skills to light and maintain a flame so that each one of us could toast our marshmallows.

Autumn 1: STEAM - Burger Making

 To conclude our STEAM project, we finally designed, made and evaluated our healthy burger. While we were sampling them, we evaluated them by thinking, How pleased we were with our finished product?, What we thought we could have done to improve our product further?, Did our burger fit the particular healthy cuisine we planned? etc. As you can see, we thoroughly enjoyed learning all about burgers.

Autumn 1: STEAM - Exploring Burger Buns

As part of our STEAM project this half term, we explored burger buns and their suitability. The bread samples we explored were: wholemeal, white, crusty, seeded, pita bread and bagels. We analysed the flavour, texture, appearance and shape and gave them a score out of 5. 


Autumn 1: Football at the Etihad

A group of Year 6 children were selected to attend Manchester City's school football festival held at the Etihad Campus. The tournament was 7 a side with 8 players from our class taking part. We worked really well as a team, started to think a lot more about our positioning and tactics and played some excellent football.

Autumn 1: STEAM - Circulatory System

As part of our STEAM project, we found out how our bodies transport nutrients in our digestive system to the rest of our body. We found out about the heart, lungs and circulatory system. We them created and labelled a life-sized diagram of the circulatory system.