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Forest School


Every Thursday afternoon Nursery go into our forest for their 'Forest School' lessons. 


What is Forest School?

Forest school sessions offer the chance to take learning out of the classroom and into the great outdoors. Children are given an opportunity to learn in a new way and within a new environment. 

There are opportunities for children to try more risky activities such as tree climbing and building fires. This adds a sense of excitement and adventure for the children, who are free to explore and manipulate the environment around them using all of their senses. The weather has no impact upon forest schools, whether it be rain or shine, snow or winds, the children will be outside making the most of the experience. This is especially fun for children who tend to be sheltered in bad weather as they are given the chance to get mucky and wet!


For more information regarding Forest School please refer to our Forest School page. 

Highlights from Forest School Autumn 1 2018

Forest School Spring Term 2018

Forest School Autumn Term 2017