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School Trips


Year Six-Reddish Vale High School Food Technology

On Tuesday 26th March, as part of their learning about Healthy Bodies, Year 6 took part in a practical session in the food technology department at RVHS. The children started off by discussing the importance of food hygiene and then worked through a short booklet re-capping learning about different food groups and a balanced diet. In know time at all, they were selecting different foods to taste. Some of the facial expressions were superb! After the tasting session, they made their own lunch. A big thank you to Mrs Jagger, for helping out with the food preparation.         

Reddish Vale - Food Technology

On Tuesday 5th February 2019, Year 5 had the opportunity to take part in a food technology practical session at Reddish Vale, where they made scones. They measured out their ingredients and mixed them together using their fingertips. Then then had an option of making sweet or savoury scones. For the sweet scones they added sugar, cherries, mixed fruit and raisins. For the savoury scones they added cheese. At the end, they were then responsible to tidy up, which, for some of them, was quite a challenge. They had a fantastic experience and really enjoyed eating up all of their lovely tasting scones.

Maths Day

On Tuesday 20th November, 12 children from years 5 and 6 went to Alexandra Park Primary School to participate in a range of maths activities. They worked with children from other local primary schools and developed their reasoning and problem solving skills. A big thank you to Mrs Turner, who gave her time to support the children. 


Year 5 Trip To Jodrell Bank
On Tuesday 6th November and Friday 9th November, Year 5's went to Jodrell Bank as part of their Earth and Space topic. They were able to see the world famous Lovell telescope in action, explore the surrounding interactive galleries and speak to the expert staff.  They also
explored the current night sky; viewed the seasonal constellations as imagined by the Ancient Greeks; and explored the visible planets. They were also lucky enough to complete a series of experiments which explored a variety of science concepts, each linked to the Solar System. They developed their investigation skills by: exploring the strength of gravity on different planets; investigating the brightness of sunlight throughout the Solar System; discovering how craters are formed; and performing a series of tests to identify a real meteorite!

Y3 Visit to Stockport Library

On Tuesday 2nd October, Y3 had a lovely morning at Stockport Library.  They learnt the difference between fiction and non fiction books, they learnt how to find fiction and non fiction books in a library and listened to fiction and non fiction books about Volcanoes. The children are now extremely excited about the different types of books they discovered at the library and it would be lovely if they could now become a member of their local library to enhance their buzz for reading and discovering new books.


On Tuesday 24th April and Thursday 3rd May, Year 5 visited Tatton Park to experience life in the Anglo-Saxon times. The class had great fun learning lots of new information and skills.

On Wednesday 25th April, Year 3 went on an educational visit to Stockport Air Raid Shelters and Museum. We had a fantastic day learning about how children lived through World War Two. A big thank you to Mrs Jagger, Mrs Kelly and Miss Hall for supporting the children. 

On the 27th March 2018, our Years 1 and 2 children visited Knowsley Safari Park to learn about different animals.

On Wednesday 21st March 2018, Year 5 became Scientists for the afternoon as they studied forensics at Reddish Vale High School. The class used their skills to solve the crime of the missing cake!

On Wednesday 21st March 2018, our Early Years visited Reddish Vale Farm as part of their topic in class. The children had so much fun feeding the animals and meeting some of the new lambs.

On Monday 19th March 2018, year 3 visited Reddish Vale High School as part of our DT learning. We learnt about different food groups, sampled a variety of foods and made sandwiches to eat for our lunch. A big thank you to Miss Hall, Mrs Kelly and Mrs Jagger for supporting the children.


On Wednesday 28th February, Year 5 braved the weather to explore the stars at Jodrell Bank. 

On Tuesday 7th March 2018, Year 6 discovered all that Stockport Central Library has to offer. They learnt about the different types of books and how they are classified. The children even got to eat some bugs... which was an unexpected experience!

On Thursday 7th December 2017, year 3 visited Stockport Central Library. We had a fantastic time learning about how a library is set out and how to borrow and return books. Mrs Bartlett read us a story and challenged us to find books by a given author and about a certain theme. A big thank you to Miss Balance and Miss Hall who came and supported the children.  

05/12/2017: Year 4 impressed the staff at Manchester Museum with their amazing knowledge of the Ancient Egyptians. The children had a great day exploring the museum and learning lots of new facts. What a great way to end a topic!

04/12/2017: Year 6 had a great time at Highfield Country Park; they are looking forward to lots of great writing in English!
04/12/2017: Year 6 had a great time at Highfield Country Park; they are looking forward to lots of great writing in English!