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Together we Shine Academically, Personally & Socially

Year 5


Class Teacher- Mr Handley

Teaching Assistant- Mrs Dyer

Cover Teacher- Mrs Stevens


year 5 Curriculum 

Please download our termly curriculum documents here for more information about what we will are learning and to see examples of our work.

year 5 Important information

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  Timetable  Long Term Planner  Welcome Leaflet


The children will be given homework tasks each Friday. The homework will be used to consolidate the children’s knowledge of what has been covered in class. There may also be tasks asking the children to find out information for a topic. It is very important that the children complete these homework tasks to the best of their ability. If they are having difficulty, please ask them to inform me and I will be happy to explain it again. The homework is due in on the following Wednesday. If homework is not completed there is the consequence of missing break times the following day until it is completed.



Please could the children have a PE kit in school all week as there are times when the timetable changes and our PE lessons move to another day. We will be having outdoor PE session on a Monday afternoon and indoor P.E session on a Tuesday and Thursday afternoons.The P.E Kit should include black shorts and joggers, white t-shirt and pumps/trainers. Please note that jewellery, other than small ear studs, should not be worn to school and to prevent injury all earrings should be removed for P.E. Children with long hair will need a hair tie for P.E.


Class Dojo

Class Dojo is a new way for teachers to encourage pupils and contact parents about their child's progress in class. It can be used online or downloaded as an app on iOS/Android. (Please ask if you require a copy of your log in). We will be using this in class alongside our Good to be Green system. We will discuss the ways in which points are gained or lost during circle times to ensure that it fits in with our behaviour policy. Children can access at home to personalise their avatars.



It is very important that the children have their reading book in school every day. We will hear the children read as often as possible each week, however this isn’t always possible with such a busy timetable in Year 5. Any help from home with the children’s reading towards greater intonation and fluency within would be appreciated. Please complete their reading journal to reflect the practise being done at home.

 Please note: We do not have a designated "Changing Book Day". The children can change their school reading book once an adult has signed their reading record to show that the book has been completed.


See the source image  City Stars Numeracy Project

As part of the Premier League Primary Stars curriculum, Year 5 have been taking part in a Numeracy Programme provided by Manchester City FC City in the Community Foundation for the Summer 1 half term.

During the lessons pupils have been taking part in both theory and practical based activities. The lesson topics include the use of: number place and value, multiplication and division, fractions, measurement, geometry and statistics.

Tatton Park

In an exciting, hands-on workshop, Year 5 had the opportunity to explore the turbulent world of the Anglo Saxons and Vikings in 10th Century AD. With the help of a historical character, they examined what life was like for the two groups of people; considering home life, religion, work, battle, trade, food, language and geography.

Year 5 were lucky enough to carry out a number of activities. They carried out an outdoor cooking activity where they had to: grind the flour, mix in bay leaves, honey, fat and water and place it on an open fire. They had the opportunity to make their own pottery from clay and they also got to work with shields where they learnt how to attack as a team using the shields and also how to defend by creating a shield wall and a shield turtle.

Sport ReliefImage result for Sports relief

On Friday 23rd March, people all over the country were raising money for Sport Relief by getting active. Year 5 took part in a whole school dodgeball competition to raise money for the charity. As you can see below, they thoroughly enjoyed the fundraising activity and the money raised by the school will now be put to work, helping people live happier, healthier, safer lives.

Science in Year 5

On Wednesday 21st March, Year 5 went to Reddish Vale School to take part in a science activity to solve the mystery of the missing cake! During the afternoon, the children took fingerprints and looked for clues to lead them to the culprit... and for once, it wasn't Mr Hall! The children tested pens using chromatography and tested for acids and alkalis in saliva (not real) using universal indicator.

World Book Day

On Thursday 1st March, Year 5 took part in The Big Book Off for World Book Day. In the morning, they had the opportunity to freeze frame and role play a scene from Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. When acting out the scene, the children were sharing thoughts, feelings and emotions related to the characters in the story.

In the afternoon, the children were sharing books with partners in Year 2. They were reading, asking questions and discussing their texts with each other.

Jodrell Bank

In a hands-on and engaging workshop, Year 5 completed a series of experiments which explored a variety of science concepts, each linked to the Solar System. The children worked in groups, developing their investigative and team-working skills.

The experiments included: exploring the strength of gravity on different planets, investigating the brightness of sunlight throughout the Solar System, discovering how craters are formed, and performing a series of tests to identify a real meteorite!

Year 5 also had the opportunity to engage in a session in an inflatable planetarium. They explored the night sky; viewing the seasonal constellations as imagined by the Ancient Greeks and explored the visible planets.

Library Launch Day

 Year 5 celebrated Roald Dahl day with the launch of the school library. They were able to choose from a wide selection of books and had the opportunity to scan their own books out to take home and enjoy.

In the afternoon they had the opportunity to show off their acting skills. They were given a script of a scene from the BFG and worked in groups to perform it to the rest of the class.